Whilst last week’s Weekend Gaming Doodah wasn’t what you could (reasonably) call a resounding success, thanks to Pine717 and Particlebit (cheers guys) it wasn’t an abject failure either, so I’ma take another crack at it. And yes, I *am* sticking with that title ….

Huzzah – the weekend, it be here again, all bright and shiny and full of potential Gaming goodness. The drudgery and monotony of the real world can safely be put to one side – albeit fairly briefly – and we’re free to dive into whatever Gaming world we wish to explore unencumbered by, like, work and shit. In your face, The Man!

Anyways, how’s your Gaming weekend shaping up? What are you hoping to play, blog about, or otherwise engage with? Are you thinking of splashing out on a new game, but wondering if it’s worth it, or something you’d enjoy? Is there anything you’ve played recently and would like to recommend to fellow Gaming enthusiasts? Is there something you’d just like to get off your chest?

If so, I figure with us all being Gamers and whatnot, this might be a pretty good place for exactly that kind of thing. So, like, have at it folks, fill your boots, knock yourself out, be all you can be.

OK, that last one didn’t really work, but you see what I’m getting at. Join in guys, the floor’s all yours……