THE WEEKEND! It’s here. Finally. I don’t know about you guys, but this week just seemed to last forever. Like a NeverEnding Story, but without all the fun and the big dragon-ey dog thing. Anyway, it’s over now, and the weekend beckons, and for most of us the weekend means game-y time. Lots and lots of Game-y time. Probably not for me this weekend, but hey, don’t let that bother you. I’ll survive.

For those of you not under the thumb of Man’s best friend, what’s your game-playing weekend looking like? How do you plan on filling your glorious, work-free hours? Are you firing up a game for the first time, cracking on with a mahoosive Sandbox, or a bit of both? Have you discovered a little-known Gaming gem you’d like to recommend, or conversely, have you played through a pile of shite that you’d like to bitch and/or warn others about? Has something in the Gaming world got you particularly excited, or even riled-up this week? Are you a blogger, and looking to run anything past your potential audience?

The Weekend Gaming Doodah is your place to talk about such things, or indeed anything else I haven’t mentioned. If you’re a lurker, but a bit reluctant to join in – just go for it, we’re a friendly bunch here, and the more the merrier.

Seriously, ‘ave at it…..