Wowsers this week was a long one; like, will-somebody-please-just-kill-me-now kind of long. Honestly, I haven’t been this happy to see a week fuck the fuck off in quite some time, and me and this weekend are going to be all different kinds of special relationship-ey to make up for the last five days. Not in a weird way, obviously, but in an ‘I’ma grab the opportunity to play games relatively undisturbed and free from distractions’ kind of one! Oh, happy day. Oh, happy day!

Anyways, enough about me. What are your Gaming-related plans for this fine weekend? Are you dying to get back to where you left off in an ongoing Gaming epic, or are you starting something new? Are you using the relative calm of your work-free days to finally organise your thoughts into a piece for your own blog, or will you be using your downtime to catch up with stuff other people have written? Perhaps you’re struggling to do the former, and would like some input from the Gaming community? Are you looking for a new game to rock your world, or maybe looking for a second opinion on a game that’s caught your eye?

Whatever your plans, why not tell us about them!? If you’ve got a question – ask away! If you’re looking for your next jam, seek the wisdom of your fellow bloggers – the force is strong in them, young padawan! Jump in, get involved, make yourself at home. The WGD is your space to shoot the shit ’bout pretty much anything and everything Gaming-ey, so go to fucking town with it….