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October 2016

Battlefield 1 Campaign Review: A Surprisingly Substantial and Solid Effort!

Back when it was revealed that the next installment of EA/Dice’s ever-popular shooter series would actually be set in the First World War, a few people – myself included – found themselves somewhere between intrigued and sceptical. On the one hand, The Great War provides ample Narrative opportunity (see the really rather excellent Valiant Hearts, for example), but on the other, given the conflict was most famously characterised by Trench Warfare, it seemed to many that this facet might prove difficult to reconcile with the large, sprawling theatres of war that have become the trademark of the Battlefield series. Likewise, as most First Person Shooters seem Hell bent on disappearing into the distant future (in order to give players an interesting(/increasingly daft) arsenal of futuristic weapons and gizmos), Dice’s decision to leap backwards a century – to a time when even electricity was relatively novel – seemed somewhat anathema, and possibly even quite risky. Continue reading “Battlefield 1 Campaign Review: A Surprisingly Substantial and Solid Effort!”

Nintendo Switch Reveal – Initial Reactions (and a cynical note of caution)

If you’re one of the two people who haven’t seen it yet, below is the “reveal” video for the Nintendo Switch, the new official name for what was previously known only as the NX.



Now, because everybody else has weighed in on it, I thought I’d go ahead and share my own thoughts on it too. I know you didn’t ask for ’em, but them’s the breaks, innit!?

First off, I think it’s fair to say that I’m both intrigued and excited – and that’s really not a bad note for a reveal to hit. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Reveal – Initial Reactions (and a cynical note of caution)”

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