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January 2016

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review

Being a Yorkshireman, I’m quite the fan of bargains and at under £8, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood certainly qualified as one. Indeed, for considerably less than the amount I’d just spent on two drinks and a snack at Costa (fucking fortune) Coffee [I’m here all week, folks…], I figured it’d be both rude and daft not to pick up a copy – particularly given I’d really enjoyed Wolfenstein: The New Order. Sure, it’s not a “full” game per se, but the promise of more dual-wielding, Nazi-shooting fun seemed too good an opportunity to miss out on, so, to paraphrase Shakespeare, I snapped that shit up like a boss. Continue reading “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review”

And It’s Hi Ho Silver Lining! (Or Some such…)

So, after 6000 miles, some pretty dodgy airline (quote-unquote) “food”, and watching a surprising number of my fellow travellers being hilariously stumped by the apparent complexities of airplane toilet doors, I’m back home – and that means I can now get on with the task of rebuilding my Gaming life. Having schlepped my replacement PS4 across the equator (along with some re-bought games, headphones etc) and with my replacement Xbox One eagerly awaiting me here, I’m just about back where I was – hardware-ily speaking anyways. I spent yesterday reconnecting everything, waiting an inordinate amount of time for updates and shit to download, and now, having checked my USB stick on the off-chance I had saved my Fallout 4 stuff but finding I hadn’t, I’ve finally accepted that a) I am definitely an idiot, and b) I’m back to square one in terms of Next-Gen Gaming. Continue reading “And It’s Hi Ho Silver Lining! (Or Some such…)”

Why Should You Read Gaming Blogs? The Answers Will Shock You…..

Having read a post over at The Aimless Gamer (a place you should totally check out, by the way), I gotz to thinking about this whole blogging malarkey, and more specifically, what I find so compelling about bloggers and blogs. The Internet is vast, and the number of places in it reserved for gaming-related things is mahoosive, yet I find myself increasingly eschewing the more well-known of these sites in favour of smaller, blog-ey type ones. Why is that, I wondered? What is it about – for want of a better word – these amateur sites that I’m drawn to; why do I prefer to spend my time reading personal, largely unfunded sites rather than the massive, bells-and-whistles ones instead? Continue reading “Why Should You Read Gaming Blogs? The Answers Will Shock You…..”

How The Hell Do I Choose Which Games to Buy Again?

In some ways, the first year of Next-Gen felt like the gaming equivalent of being stuck in an airport for me. By that I mean that it was often characterised by large periods of waiting; periods in which I’d be sort-of half-heartedly doing bits and pieces just to pass the time/fend off boredom until the next significant event happened. Games seemed to trickle into stores at a fairly leisurely pace (at the time it felt like a positively fucking glacial pace), and with various delays and such being a factor too, the first few months of being a PS4 owner were never what you could reasonably call a time of plenty and abundance. Continue reading “How The Hell Do I Choose Which Games to Buy Again?”

The Grieving Continues…..

My brain – which isn’t a friend to me at the best of times – has spent the last few days being a harsh, brutal son of a bitch. Much like when you lose something and your brain helpfully plants false memories of you definitely putting it somewhere in an effort to slowly drive you insane, I’ve spent the last few days distinctly remembering backing up my hard drive, copying save files to USB sticks, and uploading them to the cloud. None of these things actually happened – and I know they never happened – but such was the clarity of these (wholly false, lying) memories that I was angrily incredulous when I, for example, checked the Cloud and found there was a distinct lack of Fallout 4 save files. Continue reading “The Grieving Continues…..”

Learning from my Mistakes: Use the Cloud

So….. I’m a fucking idiot, me! For loads of reasons, admittedly, but most recently because, despite being obsessed with Fallout 4, and despite having sunk many, many hours into the game – slowly, painstakingly conquering the wasteland, leveling up, and building settlements – I didn’t even bother to take the 10 seconds necessary to back up my save file; cloudularly or hard-driveularly. Continue reading “Learning from my Mistakes: Use the Cloud”

Death by Video Game – Review

Undoubtedly, one of the coolest things about having a Gaming blog is that it adds a veneer of legitimacy to what is, essentially, me being sat on my arse doing very little. It really is pretty freakin’ awesome that whenever somebody approaches me with some mundane task they want performing, I can raise an authoritative hand and offer up a ‘Sorry Sweetie/Mum/Person clearly in need of medical attention, I’d honestly love to help, really I would – but you see, I’m working‘, and – here’s the really cool bit – it actually being successful. Continue reading “Death by Video Game – Review”

The QTX New Year’s Honours List, 2016

As a general rule, I’m quite a cynical bastard, and there’s not much in this big, wide world of ours that I can’t find fault with. I even think dolphins are a bunch of dicks – and all the cutesy clicking and shit’s just to distract us while they plot our downfall. Games are mostly an exception to this (mostly – pay to win can get fucked, for example) but actually, in a rare moment of genuine positivity, I’ve found the Gaming Blogging Community to be a rich, rewarding place full of surprises and joy.

In that spirit, and because it’s New Year, I thought I’d do a little New Year’s Honours list-ey thing, Continue reading “The QTX New Year’s Honours List, 2016”

Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2016 (Part One)

Having just scraped a stunningly original ‘Best Games of 2015‘ piece from the bottom of the blogging barrel, I figured I’d go for the full house with an equally iconoclastic ‘What to look forward to in 2016’ post too. There are currently several million of these on the Internet – all better written, funnier, and more widely read than this one ever will be – but I’m going to tip the balance in my favour by swearing a fuck-load. So, you know, swings and roundabouts….. Continue reading “Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2016 (Part One)”

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