As a general rule, I’m quite a cynical bastard, and there’s not much in this big, wide world of ours that I can’t find fault with. I even think dolphins are a bunch of dicks – and all the cutesy clicking and shit’s just to distract us while they plot our downfall. Games are mostly an exception to this (mostly – pay to win can get fucked, for example) but actually, in a rare moment of genuine positivity, I’ve found the Gaming Blogging Community to be a rich, rewarding place full of surprises and joy.

In that spirit, and because it’s New Year, I thought I’d do a little New Year’s Honours list-ey thing, but specifically related to Gaming blogging, and in no way associated or affiliated with the New Year’s Honours list that the Queen of England does. I’m doing this mainly because that ‘your 2015 in blogging stats’ thing WordPress sent me was both depressing and embarrassing – and publishing it would just be horrific – but also because of, like, all the feelz and such.

2016Indeed, as a blogger, reader, and general all-round lover of all things gamey (and most things geeky) it’s been really nice to come across stuff that I’m genuinely enthusiastic about, and that is often inspiring, or interesting, or that just makes me laugh for a few minutes as I inevitably slide towards old age and death. You’ve got to take that shit when you can find it, friend, and I’ma take the liberty of pointing you in the general direction of some gaming-related goodness. So, you know, you’re welcome.

Anyways, if you’re into gaming (and I assume if you’re reading this, you are) below is a list of fellow bloggers/blogs who’ve really helped me in my first few months of blogging. Sometimes it’s been because I’ve enjoyed reading their stuff, sometimes it’s because they’ve provided me with inspiration (in terms of making me think about certain things in a different way, not in an overly schmaltzy, song-by-Chicago kind of way), and sometimes it’s been something as simple as a well-timed comment or “like” which has arrived just as I’m looking at the stats page and thinking ‘honestly, what’s the fucking point…!?


So, without further ado, QTX’s inaugural New Year’s Honours list is as follows:


United We Game

Recollections of Play

Seven Florins

Game, Complain, Repeat



Geek, Sleep, Rinse, Repeat

Poor Man’s Geek

Old and New Reviews

Rad or Shite Gaming


Content-Marketing-BloggingIn our post Gamergate climate, I should prob’ly point out that there’s nothing nefarious or underhand going on here; I’ve not been paid to post this, there’s no reciprocity agreement, and, to be honest, most of these places are likely unaware of my existence. They are, however, places that I frequently read, and enjoy, so I sincerely hope that you do too.

And finally, because I do love reading about Gaming and games, if there’s anywhere you’ve discovered that’s pretty cool, please feel free to give ’em a shout out in the comments below.