I know, right!? Yet another blog about Games and Gaming! Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, etc, etc.

And, even though there are already a billionty-million blogs on the subject (give-or-take), I genuinely hope that you’ll find at least some of my contributions original – or at the very least, entertaining and/or worth reading. Your time’s precious, I get that, so I’ll try my best not to waste it – at least not deliberately.

Finally, a big part of the reason I love games, and gaming, is precisely because it fosters a great community – and one ultimately built around a shared understanding of a medium that we all cherish. That’s gold, right there – so in that spirit, I sincerely hope that this place can become something more than me just wittering on about stuff. If you’ve got tips, tricks, disagree with my assessment of something-or-other, or just want to reach out and engage with other gamers – please, please, feel free to jump in and comment, share, help, whatever. Likewise, if you want to contribute an article, guide, or piece – just holl-ah at me, and I’ll be more than willing to consider it (especially guides – I’m rubbish at them!).

Anyways, that’s about it. Welcome to quicklytapx, make yourself at home, and I honestly hope you enjoy your time here.


James Dixon