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May 2016

Table Top Racing: World Tour – Review

So, having finished Life is Strange last week, and not wanting to start anything major until I’d finally tracked down a copy of Uncharted 4 (because, Brazil), I figured I’d take a crack at Table Top Racing: World Tour. My quest to get my hands on Nathan Drake’s latest adventure turned out to be about as quest-ey and convoluted as an actual Nathan Drake Adventure, but, in the end TTR: WT turned out to be quite the time filler – and in a totally good way. Continue reading “Table Top Racing: World Tour – Review”

Life is Strange – Full Review

I’ma go right ahead and say it; I loved Life is Strange. Like, proper freakin’ adored the shit out of it. Whilst I appreciate that pisses all over the ‘keep your audience guessing’ rule of writing, I hope you’ll stick with me anyways. See, even though I know I loved Life is Strange, I’ve been struggling to adequately explain exactly why I loved it – so whilst you know how this ends already, I’m hoping the journey will be worthwhile anyways. In fact, Life is Strange – in essence – is very much a game about ‘The Journey’, so it’s perhaps fitting that the review should be too, and if you’ll permit me, I’ll try my best to do Life is Strange (some semblance of) justice in what follows. Much like the game itself, this’ll be a voyage of discovery, of exploration – experimentation, even – and even though I’ll likely struggle at times, I sincerely hope I won’t balls it up too much. Continue reading “Life is Strange – Full Review”

Weekend Gaming Doodah #14

Boo – yah! The weekend has arrived and another working week is in the books. Gone. Done. So long, and thanks for all the fish. As it so often does, the weekend probably means quality Gaming time for you, perhaps finished off with the next episode of a certain little TV show that features some dragons and Lord Commanders who couldn’t give a flying fuck about how, like, death works an’ shit. Truly we live in a joyous age. This is our time, fellow nerds. Our time! Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #14”

Dispatches from the Dark Zone: Ganks, but no thanks!?

Since I wrote my last dispatch, Ubi/Massive – to their credit – have provided a fairly significant update to The Division which, as well as adding incursions etc, managed to make my DZ experience slightly less frustrating. It was mostly small things – like making it possible to open chests and buy weapons from DZ vendors, which for some reason were locked at level 30 before, as well as adding Gold drops to all named enemies – and for a wee while, it was enough to re-ignite my interest in, and enthusiasm for, The Dark Zone. Continue reading “Dispatches from the Dark Zone: Ganks, but no thanks!?”

Growing Up As Player 2

by Richard Keech

As a 34 year old gamer, I’ve seen the games industry completely transform from a niche, nerd-in-the-basement pastime that only the pale kid in the corner of the playground knew anything about, into the billion dollar industry that attracts some of the world’s most talented individuals and commands more respect than I ever thought possible. Continue reading “Growing Up As Player 2”

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