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March 2015

Halo 5: Guardians Gets An October Release Date

In what was, all things considered, a pretty good day for Halo fans, Microsoft and 343 Industries yesterday released two live action trailers for the next highly anticipated installment of the (redonkulously popular) Halo franchise, and perhaps more excitingly, also slapped on an October 27th release date. Continue reading “Halo 5: Guardians Gets An October Release Date”

The Evil Within – Review

As you’d probably expect from Shinji Mikami (the brains behind the original Resident Evil game), The Evil Within is an almost textbook ‘survival horror’ game. It follows all of the genre’s usual conventions, sometimes to the point of being clichéd – in fact, often way, waaaay beyond the point of being clichéd. Strange goings-on in a mental hospital: check. Wandering around in a big ol’ creepy mansion: check. Mirrors that act as portals: check. Weird gloopy stuff on the walls, bad-ass baddies with considerably more arms/legs than you’d expect, lots of things trying to eat your brains: check, check, aaaaaannnd check!! Continue reading “The Evil Within – Review”

Sony’s Project Morpheus to Launch in “Early 2016”

To say that I’m ‘a bit excited’ about Virtual Reality would be akin to saying that Antarctica is ‘a bit cold’, or that Trevor Philips is ‘a bit strange’, because in all honesty, I’m already losing sleep at the prospect of diving into full-on VR type shenanigans. Imagine my joy then, when Sony yesterday announced that Morpheus is not only coming, but could be here as soon as “early 2016”. Continue reading “Sony’s Project Morpheus to Launch in “Early 2016””

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