In what was, all things considered, a pretty good day for Halo fans, Microsoft and 343 Industries yesterday released two live action trailers for the next highly anticipated installment of the (redonkulously popular) Halo franchise, and perhaps more excitingly, also slapped on an October 27th release date.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Bonnie Ross (head of 343 Industries) only went and said:

“We wanted Halo 5: Guardians to be the game that pays off the epic promise of the Halo universe in scope and scale and drama…..We want to amaze players with the sheer size of the worlds and battles they’ll experience, even as they question everything they thought they knew about its heroes, marvels and mysteries.”

And, on the subject of “mysteries”, the two trailers, which you can watch below, are pretty much the textbook definition of intriguing, with each basically showing an opposite, and seemingly contradictory scenario. Is Master Chief your good guy and all-around hero? Is it Spartan Locke? Will somebody be waking up to find out it’s all been a dream? Who knows!?

Given that yesterday also saw the launch of the #HuntTheTruth campaign to market/hype the game, these are exactly the kind of questions Halo fans will be looking to answer over the coming six months, as anticipation builds to an overwhelming crescendo before the game’s release – so expect at least as many batshit-crazy-Internet-based-theories as back when Lost was on the telly.

And, just for the record, I don’t mean that in a derogatory, disparaging way either – because I’m very much looking forward to getting swept up in the excitement myself.

Also, if you’ve already got theories (batshit crazy or otherwise), thoughts, or opinions on what may well be the biggest release of the year, feel free to leave a comment below because shit just got really, really real, people…….