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December 2015

My Top Games of 2015

I know, right!? What kind of outside-the-box, original thinking is this? A Top Games of 2015 piece? Isn’t that pushing the envelope a bit too far? Isn’t this exactly the kind of crazy, experimental piece that risks undoing all of the goodwill I’ve managed to build up over the last few months? Honestly though, I hear what you’re saying, but that’s just how I roll, folks – a non-stop thrill ride of the cray-cray and the avant-garde.

Still, stunning lack of originality aside, I do quite like list-ey type pieces, and not least because they give me a rare opportunity to engage in a bit of thoughtful reflection and assessment. Continue reading “My Top Games of 2015”

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone. First off, I guess I should apologise for my absence over the last two weeks. By way of excuse/explanation, I’ma offer up the fact that I’ve spent much of the last fortnight in a fairly severe food coma, and it’s not easy to write anything when you’re registering 1s on the Glasgow Coma Scale.

However, today I’ve found myself slightly more lucid, so I thought I’d make a (token) effort to post something whilst I could, and before I (inevitably) return to a considerably less responsive state once the food starts piling up again. Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

Cold Turkey for Christmas

I love Christmas, and I especially love it when I’m back home in the UK for it. As I said in my Christmas and Gaming piece, the festive season is made all the more festive when I’m surrounded by all the food, tradition, music, food, films, food, places, and food of my childhood, and the allure of all of that starts to get me excited sometime around the end of March. In fact, because my UK-based Christmas is a once-every-two-years thing now, it’s possible I get even more excited about it than when I was a kid. The weird thing this year, though, is that even though I am 90% ridiculously excited, there’s 10% of me that’s going to be a little bereft. Continue reading “Cold Turkey for Christmas”

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Part Two

Firstly, if you’re reading this without having read Part One, I suggest you get on that now, and not least because this is, like, a list examining the pros and cons of next-gen machines, and not reading half of it would be a bit daft, no!? Secondly, if you have read Part One, thank you, and I hope you found it useful, and I hope that you also find this one, and its conclusion, helpful too.

Right, anyway, let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading “Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Part Two”

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Part One

Yup, I’m going there! Because there’s nothing more likely to risk upsetting everyone than writing an Xbox One vs PS4 piece, and I am apparently that stupid.

But it’s not that I’m actively looking for abuse or anything, but with Christmas just around the corner, I figured it might actually be useful to attempt an objective, non-partisan, non-fanboyish comparison between the two main next-gen machines – and particularly useful for anybody who genuinely doesn’t know which one to opt for, or indeed, for anybody who might have one and be considering whether it’s worth getting the other. Continue reading “Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Part One”

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