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March 2016

Battle of the Publishers: Introduction

Not too long ago, I was playing the ‘If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?’ Game (the answer was Pizza, obviously), but being a Gamer, it wasn’t long until I got to thinking about that kind of question in Gaming terms. More specifically, I was wondering whom I’d choose if I could only play games by one particular publisher from here on out. It turned out to be an interesting internal argument for a while – and given I didn’t reach a satisfactory answer then, I thought I’d take a crack at turning it into a thing here. Continue reading “Battle of the Publishers: Introduction”

A Quick Mea Culpa Thingumyjig!

I gone done goofed. See, in the UK Easter is a four day weekend (hence my level of excitement in the last edition of the WGD) and I just kind of assumed it was a four day-er everywhere. It’s not here in Brazil (whoops!) and it’s not in the US either, it would appear – so that’ll learn me to be all Anglocentric and shit.

Anyways, that’s all to explain why there’s no Monday Morning Procrastination Pack today. I figured nobody would need one on account of still being in bed and/or ramming chocolate down their gullet, and not, like, stuck at work where they’d need stuff to offset the grimness of Monday. Clearly my error is compounded by the fact that this Monday is likely worse because Friday was a holiday, and the only thing worse than a Monday is a Monday after a bigger weekend. Continue reading “A Quick Mea Culpa Thingumyjig!”

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Secondary Impressions

So, turns out I gone done got a bit addicted to The Division. And when I say “a bit”, I mean like, properly, wake-up-thinking-about-it, currently-smelling-a bit-funky-because-I’m-foregoing-showers kind of addicted. It’s not the first time that’s happened to me, for sure (see also; the Fallouts), but it’s not a regular occurrence – and as much as I love playing games, and as much as I’m often itching to turn them on, it’s rare that I get to the thinking-about-a-game-all-the-damn-time stage. I wrote my First Impressions piece having played roughly 10 hours of the game, but that’s now increased to around 30 (which I know thanks to that handy and helpful ‘here’s how much of your life you’ve wasted with this game’ stat that’s prominently displayed when you load up your game – cheers, Ubisoft), so I figure I’m in a position to write a Secondary Impressions piece. Which is what I’m doing. Like, right now. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – Secondary Impressions”

Weekend Gaming Doodah #8

WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Not only is it the weekend; it’s an extended, chocolate-filled weekend! That means extra game-playing time, and extra calories to sustain us as we crack on with whatever game’s currently demanding our time and attention. Harnessing that sugar rush is going to be where it’s at this particular weekend, and – assuming we don’t get it wrong and wake, shaking and disorientated, with a half-eaten Easter Egg plastered to the side of our faces – this might very well be the Gaming weekend of the year. THE GAMING WEEKEND OF THE YEAR, Y’ALLZ!! Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #8”

Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions

OK, so I’m a couple of weeks late to this particular party – which in Gaming terms might as well be years – but I’ve been wanting to play this game for sooooo long, and you are not taking this away from me, D’ya hear!? In fact, back when I was thinking about making the leap to Next-Gen, I distinctly remember that it was a brief little video of TCTD that sealed the decision, even though it was all still unclear quite when it would be released, or even quite what it would be. Two years, two PS4s, and a little bit of a Puppy-related delay later, I finally, finally got to play the damn thing. Obviously, that’s quite the build-up of expectations, so….did it meet them?

“Hell yeah!” is the short answer, and “Hells to the Fuck Yeah” would be the slightly longer one. Basically; yes, yes it did. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions”

Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #7

Mondays. Ugh. Rubbish.

The weekend – as it so often does – just went ahead and left us, right when we were getting used to having it around. Just as we were mumbling, ‘Hey Weekend, this might be a bit forward, but what if, like, you stuck around and we made this “thing” between us a bit more official and permanent…!?”, it was all like “Nah, you’re alright, mate – I’ma go now…” and fucked off into the sunset, taking our game-playing time (and our favourite CDs) with it.

Still, them’s the breaks. The weekend’s a fickle, short-lived thing for sure, but t’is better to have loved and lost…. and all that bollocks. And – without wanting to stretch this whole weekend-as-a-relationship metaphor too far – maybe some time apart will help!? Not convinced? No, me either, so let’s just crack on with it, shall we!? Continue reading “Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #7”

Weekend Gaming Doodah #7

Yipppeeeee, it’s the weekend. *first pump*, *high five*, *chest bump*, etc, etc. To (loosely) paraphrase Cohen/Buckley, Halleh-fuckin‘-lujah; another working week in the books, and another weekend on the horizon, full of freetime and oodles of Gaming goodness. And, given I’ve been promised a few hours off Dog duty this weekend, I might even get to join y’alls too, at least briefly. Huzzah!

So, what are your gaming plans? Are you hitting Tom Clancy’s The Division like nearly everybody else in the Gaming World, or do you have something else in mind for your weekend? Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #7”

My Unintentional and Secular Lent

Yesterday marked my third week of abstinence. Not from meat (I’m a vegetarian anyway), not from cheese or dairy (bollocks to that!), and not from any kind of real vice (see again: bollocks to that!), but from Console Gaming. This wasn’t any kind of religious thing either, and it coinciding with actual Lent was entirely accidental. No, my period of deprivation was entirely down to having decided, at some point (although I can’t really remember when that was now), that getting a dog was a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, that decision wasn’t made lightly, and I am loving the dog owner thing (mostly) but – holy shitballs – it’s a hell of a lot of work! For that reason – and because the blue lights that I once so loved about my PS4/controller are basically puppy smack – I’ve had neither the time nor the cojones to turn on a console. Continue reading “My Unintentional and Secular Lent”

Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #6

I’m a little pressed for time this week, so this’ll be a quick one.

Basically, Mondays are shite, we all hate them, so I’ve put together a little bug-out bag of Gaming reads to help you survive the Monday-pocalypse. You don’t have to read them, obviously, but if you’re looking to surreptitiously escape the End of (weekend) Days, or if you fancy a quick little bit of gaming goodness on your commute, or lunch hour, or whilst you’re hiding in the toilets, this might help you out. Continue reading “Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #6”

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