WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Not only is it the weekend; it’s an extended, chocolate-filled weekend! That means extra game-playing time, and extra calories to sustain us as we crack on with whatever game’s currently demanding our time and attention. Harnessing that sugar rush is going to be where it’s at this particular weekend, and – assuming we don’t get it wrong and wake, shaking and disorientated, with a half-eaten Easter Egg plastered to the side of our faces – this might very well be the Gaming weekend of the year. THE GAMING WEEKEND OF THE YEAR, Y’ALLZ!!

So, what will you be playing on this most awesome-est of weekends? Are you using the Extra Time/Sugar situation to finally start something you’ve been putting off for just the right occasion? Are you taking advantage of the extended work-free period to switch between several games – just because you fucking can! Perhaps you’ll be using the time to catch up with some reading and/or blogging as you lie there ramming chocolate into your mouth like some kind of, erm, chocolate ramming machine!? Are you at a loss as to what you should play, and looking for suggestions from the Gaming community!?

Either way, let us know what you’re up to on this auspicious occasion. Shout the praises of any games you feel need to be played, ask any questions you may have, or – conversely – feel free to complain about anything that’s got your goat in the Gaming Universe this week. We’re a friendly bunch here – and (if you take me out of the equation) there’s a huge pool of knowledge and experience to draw from – so, please, make yourself at home.