Mondays. Ugh. Rubbish.

The weekend – as it so often does – just went ahead and left us, right when we were getting used to having it around. Just as we were mumbling, ‘Hey Weekend, this might be a bit forward, but what if, like, you stuck around and we made this “thing” between us a bit more official and permanent…!?”, it was all like “Nah, you’re alright, mate – I’ma go now…” and fucked off into the sunset, taking our game-playing time (and our favourite CDs) with it.

Still, them’s the breaks. The weekend’s a fickle, short-lived thing for sure, but t’is better to have loved and lost…. and all that bollocks. And – without wanting to stretch this whole weekend-as-a-relationship metaphor too far – maybe some time apart will help!? Not convinced? No, me either, so let’s just crack on with it, shall we!?

This week’s edition of the MMPP will likely feature stuff that’s already familiar to many of my readers*, but hopefully you’ll find something that interests you. We’ve got a bit of rantage, a bit of discussion, a couple of reviews, and some interesting takes on Gaming topics.



  • First up, following the recent No Man’s Sky price reveal, I’ma link to a post defending that price over at 1001Up. Is that just because I agree wholeheartedly with the piece – absolutely, but it’s worth reading anyway. I’m genuinely excited about this game, and I’ve written quite a few pieces on it, including about its size, its genius and its old-school Sci-fi approach to ‘narrative’ – so I think Ben’s argument is spot-on, notwithstanding the fact that I’d happily pay up-to-and-including a kidney for the game.


  • And on the subject of discussion-ey type stuff, here’s a piece over at United We Game about the whole Physical Copy vs Digital Download whatsit. Having recently had many of my games half-inched, my position on this very issue has shifted slightly, but I’m still not all the way to the digital side of the fence quite yet. Have a read, see if you agree with the pros and cons of each.


  • There’s also another good piece over at United We Game about the changing nature of our Gaming habits. Are you the still the type of Gamer you once were? Have your gaming habits changed recently, because of, like, who you are as a person? Maybe they had changed, but you hadn’t noticed, or really thought about why that is!? Have a read, have a think, and join in here.


  • Next up, it’s nostalgia time. Red Metal continues his journey through S/NES era gaming, this time with a review of Deadly Towers (NES) – something I didn’t play, which was probably for the best, by the sounds of it. Then, whilst we’re getting all misty eyed about (Gaming) generations gone by, check out Hundstrasse’s thing about gun-shaped peripherals – which, for me at least, are a massive part of my gaming past – and the piece had me giggling like a school kid again. Pew, Pew, Pew. Zap. Yippee-Ki-Yay. etc, etc.


  • Now, I’m quite the fan of rants – both reading them and writing them – and once again, Cary has provided a masterclass in the writing of them. What’s more, it’s directed at Red Dead Redemption, a much beloved Gaming classic, so bonus points for chutzpah – although, part of the beauty of the piece is that it’s written by somebody who also has a lot of love for it. You can read how she pulls that off at Recollections of Play.


  • Next, a review of Shovel Knight by Particlebit, which I enjoyed reading, and is a great review of what seems like a great little game. I’ve been meaning to give it a crack for a while now, and this piece has further piqued my interest.


  • Finally for this week, a First Impressions piece of Tom Clancy’s The Division by Will over at GSSR. Back when I first read it, my chances of playing the game anytime soon seemed slim-to-none, but…. and forgive me for shouting here….. I’VE FREAKIN’ GOT A COPY NOW! And I’ve even played it for a few hours. Hopefully I’ll get to write something about it soon, but if you’re on the fence about the game, this piece may very well push you to the ‘Gimme, gimme….like RIGHT NOW, you stupid, slow-fingered cashier person’ side of it like it did, erm, some guy I know…..


And that’s your lot, good people of the t’internet. Live long and prosper, may the force be with you, and DON’T FEED ‘EM AFTER MIDNIGHT!

*again guys, if you’ve found other pieces you think are worth a read, and/or know of other cool Gaming blogs or sites, please, please feel free to give them a mention in the comments. I’m trying to widen my reading pool, but the rabbit hole has become decidedly circular of late – which is great because you’re all pretty awesome commenting on each other’s stuff, obviously, but a few new suggestions would be much appreciated.