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Fallout 4 – First Impressions

If my last two forays into the Fallout Universe are anything to go by, it’s likely that it’ll be another couple of hundred hours before I “finish” Fallout 4, so I figured it’d perhaps behoove me to do a series of ‘my journey so far’ type pieces in the meantime. This is the first, I guess, but it’s also a ‘First Impressions‘ piece, so I’ll limit this one to the immediately obvious stuff, but with a bit of the ‘sense of occasion’ thrown in for good measure. Think of me as a modern day Herodotus, if you will; not only being witness to history as it happens, but, like, writing that shit down too. Continue reading “Fallout 4 – First Impressions”

Why isn’t every game like Fallout?

Because of the regional restrictions on Xbox 360 games, I tend to binge buy mine once or twice a year. A couple of years ago, it just so happened that the night before one of these splurges, I was talking to my best friend, who mentioned that one of his colleagues had become, and I quote, “unhealthily obsessed” with the Fallout games, and had all but withdrawn from the real world in favour of spending every available minute in a post-apocalyptic, virtual one.

Roughly twelve hours later, standing in a well-known game store, I noticed that Fallout 3 was on sale for £10. Now, rather than paying heed to what a more sensible person might consider a cautionary tale, Continue reading “Why isn’t every game like Fallout?”

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Review

As a young ‘un, I spent many a happy hour shooting Nazis in the face on Wolfenstein 3D, and I vividly remember passing entire weekends in front of my friend’s Amiga as we took it in turns to fight our way out of basement after basement of the Third Reich’s mega prison complex (whilst one of us did the shooting, the other would be strategically positioned near the door listening for approaching adults, thus allowing us to leap into ‘doing our homework’ position before getting rumbled). Continue reading “Wolfenstein: The New Order – Review”

Fallout 4 Trailer – Initial Reactions

Firstly, I was pretty excited and didn’t get much sleep last night, so, you know, apologies if I don’t using words good at very some times. Secondly – HOLY FREAKIN’ COW – it’s here. It happened. WE HAVE A TRAILER FOR FALLOUT 4! Continue reading “Fallout 4 Trailer – Initial Reactions”

Fallout 4 Countdown: Please Stand By…..

Yeah, we’ve been burned before, and yeah, the internet’s not always, like, *totes* reliable, but……shit, as they say, just got real!

Like, really, reeeeeaaaaalllly, really REAL! Continue reading “Fallout 4 Countdown: Please Stand By…..”

Bethesda Announce They’ll Announce Something at E3: Fallout Fans Break the Internet

An announcement of an announcement isn’t normally what you would reasonably call news, but when it’s Bethesda Softworks making the pre-announcement announcements, “normally” takes a swan-dive out of the nearest window. Indeed, within about 22.46 seconds of Bethesda’s blog post going live, the whole internet was positively buzzing with Fallout 4 chatter.

Could this, at last, be exactly what we’ve been waiting for? Can we, finally, dust off the old pip-boy and, maybe, possibly, dare to dream again? Continue reading “Bethesda Announce They’ll Announce Something at E3: Fallout Fans Break the Internet”

Fallout 4: Rumours and Guestimations

Given I’ve already gone on record as being “a bit keen” on Fallout, it might not come as a huge surprise that Fallout 4 is one of the games I’m most looking forward to. It’s been six years since Fallout 3 hit the shelves, and four since Fallout: New Vegas debuted, which equates to…(*does “math” face*)….. well, to a lot of long, post-apocalyptic-wasteland-free hours in between. Continue reading “Fallout 4: Rumours and Guestimations”

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