The Monday-pocalypse has arrived. Again. Instead of Zombies, or rivers of fire and brimstone, or, like, Nuclear Winter though, Monday-pocalypse is basically time-sheets, and commutes, and dealing with the boss! Which is obviously much, much worse! Still, as per usual (if you ignore last week’s balls-up) I’ve put together a little bug-out bag of great Gaming reads to help you survive the End (of weekend) Times.

We’ve got a chunk of cool stuff this week, including a few excellent reviews, some nostalgia, and even a little bit of futurologyism – which may or may not be a word. Anyways, putting my shocking linguistic abilities to one side, let’s load up those crossbows, put on sunscreen (seriously folks, apocalypse or not, skincare’s always important), and bug-out. Once more into the breach and all that…..


  • To start you all off, I’ma strongly suggest you check out Seven Florins’ hilarious “casual” review of Bloodborne – written with the usual wit and charm. I’ll freely admit I passed on the game (mostly for the reasons he elucidates on), so extra kudos and cap doff-age for having the commitment and tenacity to finish the damn thing.


  • Next up, we have two posts from Pine717 over at The Maximum Utmost. The first is an excellent review of The Witness, a game I’m really hoping to play at some point – more so having read this thoughtful and articulate piece. The second is a wee thing celebrating the birthday of a cool piece of kit that I’ve personally spent many a happy hour playing on. That’s right, folks, the Game Boy Advance is 15! They grow up so fast, eh!?


  • And whilst we’re talking nostalgia, Red Metal continues his journey through 80s/90s era gaming with Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. As always, it’s interesting, well-researched, and if you played the most recent game without really knowing what the hell was going on, it might help with some of the backstory. Also, for some more 80s flavoured (celluloid) nostalgia, check out this piece about 80s Geek-ey/Tech-ey films over at Geek Out South-West.


  • Next, given my own Gaming world’s currently dominated by The Division, I’m going to point you in the direction of two full reviews of the Game. I hope to get my own review done soon, and I only hope I can pull off something as good as these guys did. The first is over at GameBleed, and the second can be found at Falcon Reviews.


  • Also, whilst we’re on the subject of The Division (see again: my Gaming world currently being dominated by said game), check out this piece by Gamer’s Wifey, which articulates quite well how that bastard can suck you in and not let go.


  • Now, over the last couple of weeks, Nintendo fans have been whipped into something of a frenzy by talk of the forthcoming NX thingumyjig. Such was their excitement that – much like desperate Fallout fans before them – they were punk’d by a(n admittedly quite well done) hoax, but if anything, that just got everybody more intrigued. Whatever the NX will end up being, Particlebit has put together a considered and eminently agreeable wish list for what it should/could be.


  • Finally, I’ma give a general shout-out to a new member of the Gaming/Blogging Community. Most of us know how hard it can be when we first start out (or indeed, after you’ve been slogging away for months) so feel free to visit, have a look, and offer your support/page hits over at Part-time Gamer.


And that’s your lot, folks. Go careful or there, be all you can be, and remember, down here it’s our time, and the spirit of one-eyed Willie lives inside all of us!