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December 2016

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Review – Style *and* Substance

I think it’s fair to say that the Call of Duty games are something of a divisive element in the Gaming community nowadays. For some, the annual installment of Activision’s First Person Shooter – by whatever Developer – represents the very pinnacle of Gaming, what with their huge budgets, A-list casts and frenetic, non-stop action; and they are, as sales figures would strongly suggest, pounced upon by plenty of Gamers who can’t wait to test themselves in the Alpha, ubertwitch-ey arena of the world’s most pre-eminent Shooter. For others, however, they represent something close to an annual nadir – and for pretty much the same exact reasons – and for these people, CoD games are to be avoided like the plague; becoming something akin to a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the Gaming Industry.

There are yet others though, who kinda see both sides, indeed sometimes fluctuate between the two opposing viewpoints, but who will neither commit to – nor rule out – picking up a given installment a priori; choosing instead to see how shit plays out and whatnot. Continue reading “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Review – Style *and* Substance”

Christmas and Gaming

Yay, it’s finally December, and my (self-imposed) rules now allow me to get my Christmas freak on, so today will be a veritable feast of yuletide-y yuletideness, up to and including this here blog. And, actually, especially this blog – because, as I’m about to explain, for me, Christmas and games are, in many ways, inseparably linked to each other. Ordinarily, I tend to keep my general geekery reasonably well hidden, and I definitely try to tone down how much I bang on about games, but given I set this place up for exactly those things – I’ma go to fucking town with that shizzle. And because it’s December, I also get to let all the stored-up Christmas stuff spill from my brains too, so basically – hashtag: winning.

Anyways, without further ado, here are my thoughts on Christmas and Gaming….. Continue reading “Christmas and Gaming”

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