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June 2014

No Man’s Sky: Procedurally Generating the Future of Gaming?

As some of you may have guessed by now, I’m a “bit fond” of the upcoming game No Man’s Sky. And when I say a “bit fond”, I of course, mean “absolutely besotted with”, and in a way I’ve not been besotted with anything since Data’s gadget belt in The Goonies. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Procedurally Generating the Future of Gaming?”

No Man’s Sky Looks Stunning

One of the things that got me really, really excited at e3 this year was No Man’s Sky. Described as a “Procedurally Generated” world, with every player starting out on their own individual planet in an “infinite” universe, this could genuinely be an awesomely mind-blowing experience. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky Looks Stunning”

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