Boo – yah! The weekend has arrived and another working week is in the books. Gone. Done. So long, and thanks for all the fish. As it so often does, the weekend probably means quality Gaming time for you, perhaps finished off with the next episode of a certain little TV show that features some dragons and Lord Commanders who couldn’t give a flying fuck about how, like, death works an’ shit. Truly we live in a joyous age. This is our time, fellow nerds. Our time!

Too much? Possibly, but wotevs

Anyways, full-on geek-outs aside, what are your plans for this fine weekend? What Gaming worlds will you be Swan diving into with wanton abandon as you give the real world a majestic middle finger and whisper ‘not today, reality world – not today!‘. What Universe of polygons and pixels are you itching to get back to, or even enter for the first time? Perhaps you’re even looking for suggestions as to what that new world could or should be? If you’re a blogger, mayhap you’re planning on getting some writing done, possibly even after some input from your potential audience?

Whatever your plans, why not let us know; join in, touch base with your fellow Gamers, have a chat. The WGD’s your space for exactly that, and you’re more than welcome to use it. In fact, I’m positively fucking begging you to use it, because I’ma look like a proper numpty if you don’t…..