So, as I’m sure the more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed, I’sa been on hiatus for a wee while – so, like, apologies for that (or, indeed, you’re welcome, depending on your point of view, I guess). My mum and step-dad came to visit and, having forked out for plane tickets etc, didn’t seem dead keen on just watching me play video games for the duration of their stay. Some people, eh!?

I’m kinda back now, although, given the nature of Games – and given I turned my consoles on again for the first time the other day – it might be a while before I’ve, like, got anything to write about. I had managed to wrap up Horizon Zero Dawn just before they arrived (as in, 5 minutes before) – figuring I could at least write a review for that – but I never quite got around to it. Is it too late now? Can I even remember enough about it, given my increasing age and/or tendency to forget what I entered a room for? I don’t know, but we’ll see. Possibly. What was the question again!?

Anyhoo – before I fucked off I was (somewhat inadvisably, as it turns out) attempting to spin a few plates – namely the WUFT and The RPG n00b whatsit – and I’m hoping to crack on with those again at some point soon. The former will be a bit easier given I had my mum act as a Wii U Games mule (in your face Brazilian customs officers!!), so I’ve now got a few more titles to play, but in terms of the latter, it’s possible I’ma need to put a bit of effort into remembering all the shit I’m supposed to be doing. I mean, I know I’m Geralt, and I know I’m looking for Ciri, but I’ll be fucked if I can remember which factions I’ve pissed off, or what convoluted quests I’m currently engaged in. So there’s all that to figure out again, and I expect there’ll be a fair bit of dying involved whilst I’m doing so. Which is nice. Still, I imagine there’ll be some (laughably awkward) Sexy Times too, so, like, every cloud…..


In terms of “new” games, I’ve finally got around to starting Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, so there might be a review of that coming at some point – and I say might because it turns out I’m about as good at parkour in Games as I am in real life (i.e. fucking horrific). As it stands, I’m currently pretty great at falling to my death, and not so great at, like, not falling to my death. With hindsight, I should’ve perhaps returned to Gaming with a Lego title, or at least something with a lot less potential for gleefully throwing myself off of buildings, but there you go. Lesson learned!


Finally, whilst my writing absence probably fell somewhere between “meh” and “blessed relief” for most of you, my reading absence may’ve been more missed. Turns out a month’s neglected WordPress Reader looks a bit daunting, but I’ll do my best to catch up with some of the stuff I’ve not had chance to read yet, and I apologise if I’ve not liked or commented on anybody’s stuff recently. I’m sure it’s all excellent, and I’m quite looking forward to it, actually.

Ok – so that’s that. Hope everyone’s well – and if there’s anything particularly interesting in the world of Gaming I’ve missed, feel free to point me in its general direction. I mean, I’m sure in my absence the whole Microsoft vs Sony vs PC Master Race thing was resolved peacefully, and everybody’s all friends and shit now, right!?