I’m a little pressed for time this week, so this’ll be a quick one.

Basically, Mondays are shite, we all hate them, so I’ve put together a little bug-out bag of Gaming reads to help you survive the Monday-pocalypse. You don’t have to read them, obviously, but if you’re looking to surreptitiously escape the End of (weekend) Days, or if you fancy a quick little bit of gaming goodness on your commute, or lunch hour, or whilst you’re hiding in the toilets, this might help you out.



  • First up – and following on nicely from the conversations surrounding the Resident Evil Remastering shenanigans the other week – Particlebit took a look at what games could benefit from a bit of a loving update. He’s picked some great contenders, and if you want see what they are, and/or add your own, you can check it out here.


  • Next, here are a couple of pieces about The Flame in The Flood: The first is over at Hundstrasse’s Gaff, and the other is over at Gamer Crash. They’re both well worth a read, and have made me put the game on my ‘To Buy’ list quicker than you can say #shutupandtakemymoney! As luck would have it, Rad or Shite Gaming also did a thing on why survival games (like TFITF) are so compelling and popular, so that’ll make a nice companion piece if you’re so inclined!


  • Now I’ma point you in the direction of another piece by Anidaan, this time focusing on the Morals/Philosophical Underpinnings of Far Cry 4. I liked the piece because it manages to precisely articulate the exact feelings I’d had when I finished the game, but waaaay better than I could’ve done.


  • As y’all might know by now, I’m a sucker for Retro Gaming things, and mostly because they remind me of a time when stuff didn’t ache, and when I could stand up or sit down without involuntarily groaning or sighing, respectively. With that in mind, Red Metal’s piece on ActRaiser from the SNES era had me positively aglow with Retro feelz, and is well worth checking out, even if you’re not an old bastard like me.


  • Finally this week, let’s finish with a couple of Zelda themed pieces. First, to get you in the mood, here’s a nice little First Impressions piece about Twilight Princess HD over at The Maximum Utmost, and when that’s got you in the Zelda zone, take a wee look-see at this news regarding the next installment over at Ultimate Games Culture. Boom! Excited!


And that’s all folks. Good luck and godspeed. May the force be with you. I believe the children are the future.

Etc, etc.