We’re there, finally: The weekend! Huzzah, and thank fuck for that because this week was brutal, and it just felt like I was getting pummelled by an End of Level Boss over and over and over again. In real life there’s no cheat codes either, but I’ve ridden it out and have been rewarded with a Weekend Power-Up for my troubles. Unfortunately, this weekend won’t feature much game-playing time for me, but hopefully you guys will have more luck.

So, what are you playing this weekend? Are you using your two days of freedom to start something new, or are you plodding on with a big old RPG that’s got you hooked? Have you suddenly been gripped by some gaming nostalgia that’s got you returning to a stone-cold favourite? If you’re a blogger, are you using your downtime to get some posts done, or finally get a particular review written up? Is there anything you’d like to ask your potential audience?

Whatever your answer, let us know how your Gaming-related weekend’s shaping up. The Weekend Gaming Doodah is your space to talk all things gaming/blogging, so feel free to do just that. Last week’s WGD was pretty successful and there were some pretty cool comments and conversations a-happening, which was all different kinds of freakin’ cool, so don’t be shy – jump right in!

The floor is yours….