Hello everyone. First off, I guess I should apologise for my absence over the last two weeks. By way of excuse/explanation, I’ma offer up the fact that I’ve spent much of the last fortnight in a fairly severe food coma, and it’s not easy to write anything when you’re registering 1s on the Glasgow Coma Scale.

However, today I’ve found myself slightly more lucid, so I thought I’d make a (token) effort to post something whilst I could, and before I (inevitably) return to a considerably less responsive state once the food starts piling up again. The only problem now, though, is that I’ve got fuck-all to write about, having left my PS4/Xbox/Wii U six thousand miles away, and having not played much of anything for two weeks (see again: food coma). I didn’t ask for many games for Christmas either, so I can’t even do a ‘can’t wait to play on….’ type thing to plug the ideas hole, and a ‘Top Games of 2015’ thing, quite frankly, feels like a fuckload of effort that I really can’t be arsed with right now.

So, what I’m actually going to do is……. Nothing. Or, more accurately, I’m just going to say that I hope everyone’s had a great festive period so far, and that they continue to have a great one as 2015 winds down. I will be back soon with something slightly more substantial than this piss-poor effort here, and I hope you’ll join me again then.

And on that note, if you are one of the few people who’s read my stuff, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and interest, and for your support. I’ve only been doing this blogging malarkey for a few months, and I’m well aware that I’ve got a shitload left to learn, but so far I’ve found it interesting and, in the more rant-ey pieces in particular, pretty thera-fucking-peutic, and seeing comments and feedback on stuff you’ve written is a hugely satisfying and stimulating experience.

So, like, thank you for all the feelz and that too, and thanks again for reading.


All the best, and Happy Holidays,