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Video Games at Christmas

Christmas and Gaming

Yay, it’s finally December, and my (self-imposed) rules now allow me to get my Christmas freak on, so today will be a veritable feast of yuletide-y yuletideness, up to and including this here blog. And, actually, especially this blog – because, as I’m about to explain, for me, Christmas and games are, in many ways, inseparably linked to each other. Ordinarily, I tend to keep my general geekery reasonably well hidden, and I definitely try to tone down how much I bang on about games, but given I set this place up for exactly those things – I’ma go to fucking town with that shizzle. And because it’s December, I also get to let all the stored-up Christmas stuff spill from my brains too, so basically – hashtag: winning.

Anyways, without further ado, here are my thoughts on Christmas and Gaming….. Continue reading “Christmas and Gaming”

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone. First off, I guess I should apologise for my absence over the last two weeks. By way of excuse/explanation, I’ma offer up the fact that I’ve spent much of the last fortnight in a fairly severe food coma, and it’s not easy to write anything when you’re registering 1s on the Glasgow Coma Scale.

However, today I’ve found myself slightly more lucid, so I thought I’d make a (token) effort to post something whilst I could, and before I (inevitably) return to a considerably less responsive state once the food starts piling up again. Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

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