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Rebuilding a Game Collection

And It’s Hi Ho Silver Lining! (Or Some such…)

So, after 6000 miles, some pretty dodgy airline (quote-unquote) “food”, and watching a surprising number of my fellow travellers being hilariously stumped by the apparent complexities of airplane toilet doors, I’m back home – and that means I can now get on with the task of rebuilding my Gaming life. Having schlepped my replacement PS4 across the equator (along with some re-bought games, headphones etc) and with my replacement Xbox One eagerly awaiting me here, I’m just about back where I was – hardware-ily speaking anyways. I spent yesterday reconnecting everything, waiting an inordinate amount of time for updates and shit to download, and now, having checked my USB stick on the off-chance I had saved my Fallout 4 stuff but finding I hadn’t, I’ve finally accepted that a) I am definitely an idiot, and b) I’m back to square one in terms of Next-Gen Gaming. Continue reading “And It’s Hi Ho Silver Lining! (Or Some such…)”

How The Hell Do I Choose Which Games to Buy Again?

In some ways, the first year of Next-Gen felt like the gaming equivalent of being stuck in an airport for me. By that I mean that it was often characterised by large periods of waiting; periods in which I’d be sort-of half-heartedly doing bits and pieces just to pass the time/fend off boredom until the next significant event happened. Games seemed to trickle into stores at a fairly leisurely pace (at the time it felt like a positively fucking glacial pace), and with various delays and such being a factor too, the first few months of being a PS4 owner were never what you could reasonably call a time of plenty and abundance. Continue reading “How The Hell Do I Choose Which Games to Buy Again?”

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