You all know the drill by now: Monday’s both suck and blow, and the weekend went waaaay too damn quick. All that potential, promise and freetime just fucked the fuck off faster than a Coulrophobe at a clown convention, and all we’re left with is that Monday Morning feeling.

As per usual though, I’ve taken the liberty of collating a few pieces from the t’internet that I hope might make Monday feel a bit less grim; a bit of verbular padding to stuff down your pants to soften the blow of the big old crotch punch that is the start of the working week. For whatever reason, the theme of my WordPress Reader this week was, erm, themes. As in, there seemed to be a flurry of articles based around the same thing, and then another flurry based around another thing, so, because that works for me (and because I’m too lazy to think of a better alternative), that’s how I’ma present this week’s MMPP.

  • First off, here are two Reviews of Fallout 4 – and though they both essentially focus on a similar theme, they come to slightly different conclusions. See, more themes. Anyways, you can read Seven Florins’ piece at Causal Reviews, and the other Review is over at Gamebleed. Both are well worth a look – and they’ve both got me itching to get back into the wasteland.



  • Another definite theme this week – for whatever reason – was Tomb Raider, with two reviews of the newest game popping up in my Reader, and one of the previous instalment too. As some of you might know, I was quite the fan of both reboots, so I was only too happy to read how others found them. The two latest instalment reviews can be found at The Maximum Utmost, and The Aimless Gamer, and the review of the game previous to that is over at Recollections of Play.


  • There was also a couple of mentions of Superhot this week – and it sounds super cool, which is a super shame because my laptop’s a load of old super shite so I’ll not get to play it anytime soon. If your PC doesn’t scream in protest every time you load-up minesweeper, you can check out a full review over at GeekOut South-West, and it’s also mentioned (along with other cool stuff) in Geek, Sleep, Rinse, Repeat’s weekly round-up.


  • Finally this week – and an outlier of the theme theme – I’m going to point you in the direction of this excellent review of The Town of Light over at 1001Up. Again, I’m not going to get to play it anytime soon, but it sounds like a very interesting game, and I think some of you might find it intriguing and/or right up your street. You also might not, admittedly, but the review’s a great read anyways!


And that’s your lot, folks. Go get ’em Tiger/Give ’em Hell/any other motivational saying you can think of with an ’em in it. As always though, if there are any other pieces you’d like to bring to our attention (or even whole blogs), y’alls can use the comments to do so.