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Gaming’s Come A Long Way, Baby: GTA V and The Walking Dead

Late last year I was watching The Walking Dead, and at one point in a particularly grim episode I was (mercifully?) distracted from all the killing-of-favourite-character shenanigans when a particular bad dude showed up. See, at my age I seem to spend an inordinate amount of my TV-watching time going “what the fuck do I know him from?”, or “what else was she in?” and I then proceed to spend the rest of the episode thinking about that, and only that – and so it was with this guy. Of course, IMDB exists now, but that’s basically cheating, so it’s only to be used in the most extreme circumstances, and I admirably resisted it here (“Hero” is a much overused word these days, but, you know, if the shoe fits….). Continue reading “Gaming’s Come A Long Way, Baby: GTA V and The Walking Dead”

Reasons Why Games Are Awesome No. 23, 456: Ongoing Gaming Narratives

Ahead of the (eagerly anticipated) release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, I’ve been quickly “working” my way through Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Yesterday, this came as something of a blessed relief after all the trauma of Ori and The Blind Forest, and it was nice to both have fun, and (if I’m being honest) to not to feel like I was an utterly incompetent and hilariously unskilled shitdribble. That’s great in and of itself, obviously, but it also got me thinking about the idea of Ongoing Narrative in Games, and just quite how it all works. Continue reading “Reasons Why Games Are Awesome No. 23, 456: Ongoing Gaming Narratives”

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