Huzzah – the weekend’s back. In your face, working week! Two days of quality game-playing time await, free from your iron grip of rules, and like, having to wear pants and shit! Let freedom ring, let freedom ring!

Anyways, how’s your game-playing weekend shaping up? Are you continuing with a massive open-worlder, finally fitting in a short indie game whilst you can, or doing something else entirely? Is there anything you’re stuck on, uncertain about buying, or are you at a Gaming loose end and looking for recommendations from fellow Gamers? Is there something on the Gaming horizon that you’re particularly excited about, something you’d like to chat about with fellow enthusiasts?

If the answer to any of that is a yes, please feel free to use this space to ask away, or chat, or just generally enjoy the company of your gaming brethren/sistren. We’re a friendly, knowledgeable bunch, so don’t be shy. There’s no dress code, and we’re totally OK with the no pants thing, so come in, make yourself at home, and enjoy some gaming chitchat.


Oh, and Happy Weekend…..