I gone done goofed. See, in the UK Easter is a four day weekend (hence my level of excitement in the last edition of the WGD) and I just kind of assumed it was a four day-er everywhere. It’s not here in Brazil (whoops!) and it’s not in the US either, it would appear – so that’ll learn me to be all Anglocentric and shit.

Anyways, that’s all to explain why there’s no Monday Morning Procrastination Pack today. I figured nobody would need one on account of still being in bed and/or ramming chocolate down their gullet, and not, like, stuck at work where they’d need stuff to offset the grimness of Monday. Clearly my error is compounded by the fact that this Monday is likely worse because Friday was a holiday, and the only thing worse than a Monday is a Monday after a bigger weekend. Continue reading “A Quick Mea Culpa Thingumyjig!”