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No Man’s Sky and 65daysofstatic

More ‘No Man’s Sky’ Footage Revealed

Yesterday, I got to use the old “Christmas came early” chestnut (see what I did there? Christmas/chestnuts?? Anybody???) and today it seems I get to use “the gift that keeps on giving” line. Why? Well, after I’d already posted the first new No Man’s Sky gameplay trailer, Hello Games continued to wow audiences, previewing yet another trailer, before positively hitting it out of the park with the ‘A night under No Man’s Sky’ event on Saturday night.

I wasn’t at the event (I couldn’t find a buyer for my kidney in time), Continue reading “More ‘No Man’s Sky’ Footage Revealed”

No Man’s Sky: Incoming Data Transmission

If, like me, you’re already a fan of the forthcoming No Man’s Sky from Hello Games, Christmas came early this weekend, with a new trailer landing at The Game Awards on Friday night. Featuring actual in-game footage, and several bajillion layers of awesome, it all looks as good as we’d expect it to. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Incoming Data Transmission”

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