Yesterday, I got to use the old “Christmas came early” chestnut (see what I did there? Christmas/chestnuts?? Anybody???) and today it seems I get to use “the gift that keeps on giving” line. Why? Well, after I’d already posted the first new No Man’s Sky gameplay trailer, Hello Games continued to wow audiences, previewing yet another trailer, before positively hitting it out of the park with the ‘A night under No Man’s Sky’ event on Saturday night.

I wasn’t at the event (I couldn’t find a buyer for my kidney in time), and my attempt to watch on twitch was thwarted by me losing consciousness long before it started at stupid o’clock (my time), but, thanks to the magic of YouTube/the internet (and E3), I, and indeed you, can watch them now. At our leisure. Over and over again.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, fill yer boots…..

Now, there’s obviously a lot of stuff in there that is (self-evidently) several million parsecs beyond cool, so I won’t bother elucidating on stuff individually  – not least because we’ll all be here for 5 billion years. However, what I will say though, is that it’s absolutely beyond question now that No Man’s Sky and 65daysofstatic are perfect for each other.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m now even more excited by No Man’s Sky than I ever was.