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No Man’s Sky Gameplay

No Man’s Sky: First Impressions (and the Unbearable Weight of Expectation)

It’s been a strong year for games, and there has been a sluice of hugely anticipated releases finally landing for Next Gen consoles, many of which were considered worthy of (at least most of) the hype they’d generated since their announcements way back when. I mention this because, in a way, “hype” is a double-edged sword in today’s gaming world; generating much needed interest (and ultimately driving sales), but also creating a huge amount of pressure and expectation. No Man’s Sky is perhaps the textbook example of this, and after only a brief, tantalising preview at E3 2014, it suddenly seemed like everybody was talking about it. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: First Impressions (and the Unbearable Weight of Expectation)”

No Man’s Sky: Freedom is a Good Thing

Ok, so we know that No Man’s Sky is going to be really (really, reeeeeeally) big, we know that it’s created using some breathtakingly impressive procedural generation and maths-ey type stuff, and we know that it looks stunning, but what about all the actual gameplay?! What will we be doing, be able to do, in the midst of all this superlative size, quality, scenery and suchlike? Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Freedom is a Good Thing”

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