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Sony’s Project Morpheus to Launch in “Early 2016”

To say that I’m ‘a bit excited’ about Virtual Reality would be akin to saying that Antarctica is ‘a bit cold’, or that Trevor Philips is ‘a bit strange’, because in all honesty, I’m already losing sleep at the prospect of diving into full-on VR type shenanigans. Imagine my joy then, when Sony yesterday announced that Morpheus is not only coming, but could be here as soon as “early 2016”. Continue reading “Sony’s Project Morpheus to Launch in “Early 2016””

Project Morpheus at e3 2014?

When I was a kid, I was pretty much promised that by the time I was thirty, I’d be driving a hover car, have a robot butler, and be spending most of my spare time in a virtual reality headset that made the holodeck thing on Star Trek look decidedly primitive in comparison. Obviously, we don’t have hover cars, and I, for one, don’t have a robot butler, but it seems that VR headsets are a distinct near-future possibility, Continue reading “Project Morpheus at e3 2014?”

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