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Guys, enough with the Co-op Trophies, yeah!?

OK, before we start, there is a chance that what follows might seem a little bit like sour grapes from a guy who hasn’t got any friends, and who is therefore projecting his ire onto what is – if he’s being honest – a fairly unimportant thing that means very little to anybody. And there’s a chance it might seem like that because – again, if I’m being honest – it probably is. But, like, whotevs….. My blog, innit!? Secondly, and related to the “unimportant” bit I guess, I’ve already gone on record as saying I’m sometimes a bit obsessed with Trophies and whatnot, and whilst rationally I know it’s all a load of meaningless bollocks anyway (in both ‘trophy inconsistency’, and “who even gives a fuck?” kind of ways), it is what it is. Also…. My blog, innit!? Continue reading “Guys, enough with the Co-op Trophies, yeah!?”

The Weird Psychology of Trophies and Achievements

Having just read Particlebit’s review of Shadow of Mordor, I was randomly reminded that said game was my first ever Platinum trophy, and that got me thinking about how the trophy thing works – or at least the effect it has on me. See, back on last-gen I didn’t consistently have an Xbox Live subscription, so because that meant I couldn’t get all of the achievements for many games, I just wasn’t overly bothered about them. I mean, story related achievements would pop – and I’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s nice. Go me!‘ – and I’d usually get collectibles and such because of my gaming OCD, but it was rare that I’d even look at the achievement list for a given game, let alone try to get them all. Continue reading “The Weird Psychology of Trophies and Achievements”

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