It’s nearly the weekend again, and once more we get to say to work ‘not today, work, not today‘, and we get to say to our fantabulous game-playing machines ‘yes today, fantabulous game-playing machines, yes today‘. Whole virtual worlds lay open at our feet, ready for some quality time to be invested in them, calling out our names; a siren-song of untold beauty and irresistible power. “Come to me….” she sings, her voice hauntingly drifting on the very edge of the wind, “….and let us fuck some shit up!“.

That last bit might just be me (I’m finally starting Just Cause 3, and there seems to be a degree of emphasis on ‘fucking shit up’) but whatever she’s calling to you, it’s likely to be a sweet, sweet song regardless. And – what with this being the 3rd Weekend Gaming Doodah – this is your opportunity to share any thoughts, experiences, issues you may be having with your current gaming worlds. Is there anything you’re currently loving, not loving, finding a bit “meh”? Is there anything that’s caught your eye, but you’d like to know if anybody else would recommend it before you spend, like, real-life money on it? Have you discovered a largely unknown gaming gem that you’d like to sing the praises of? If you’re a fellow blogger, is there anything you’d like to run by your potential audience, anything you’d like some help or feedback with?

If the answer to any of that’s a yes, please feel free to comment, join in, ask away. The floor is yours. We’re all Gamers here, and there’s a fairly substantial cumulative knowledge pool just waiting for you to jump right into, so, in the words of Van Halen, you might as well jump…..