Ugh – It’s Monday again. Already. Just as we seem to be getting comfortable with the weekend, embracing the quality time it allows us to spend with our fantabulous-game-playing-machines, it disappears –  Poof, just life that! [I’m doing a Kevin Spacey impression there, but it obviously doesn’t translate too well via the medium of the written word!] The hope and potential of the weekend, with all its free time and opportunity, has – once more – repositioned itself right at the end of the week, with five working days between us and it.

Still, them’s the breaks. There’s not a lot I can do about how time works, or, say, the currently accepted division of week/weekend. But what I can do though, is to try and lessen the grimness of Monday morning with a dose of gaming related medicine. And not your rubbish-ey, available over the counter stuff either; this is some full-on, don’t-use-whilst-operating-heavy-machinery shizzle. Because, whilst there wasn’t loads happening on my WordPress Reader this week, what did pop up was of a fairly high quality. There’s a bit of an eclectic mix here – featuring (amongst other things) alcohol related shenanigans, valuable games, Fallout news, and an in-depth look at a game from a few years back, but it’s all stuff I really enjoyed reading, or found interesting, and I hope you do too……

  • Something I’ve been thinking about recently myself (and more so after starting the Resident Evil Origins Collection) is the idea of returning to games I used to love. Will they have stood the test of time? Would they still be great even after playing hundreds of other – perhaps better games – in the intervening years? Is it sometimes just better to leave some shit alone? Anyways, the folks over at United We Game have decided to embark upon a similar experiment, revisiting their “favourite” games. You can read the introductory post here, and it could very well be something to keep an eye on.
  • We’ve all played the ‘ideal guests at a Dinner Party game’ (you may’ve even played it with other people, rather than on your own like I did), but there’s an interesting twist on the idea over at Roboheartbeat. See, it’s about booze and characters from video games. Boom. Know your audience and all that….
  • After the whole ‘getting all of my fucking shit stolen‘ (to use the legal term), and after using it as an opportunity to implement a few New Year’s Resolutions, my resolve is now likely to be severely tested thanks to the recent announcement of Fallout 4’s DLC stuff. You can read The Aimless Gamer‘s irreverent take on the news here.
  • And talking about New Year’s Resolutions, you can read how Ben over at 1001Up is getting on with his here. (He hasn’t broken down in tears yet, so he seems to be doing considerably better than I am….)
  • Since accidentally spending a chunk of my future kid’s College Fund on my Xbox One, I’ve been on the look-out for ways to recoup the money before its absence is noticed. With that in mind, I read Particlebit‘s look at the Most Valuable PlayStation Games with great interest and great hope. The latter was dashed fairly quickly, but it was interesting, and you never know, you might have more luck.
  • Next, I’ma offer up an in-depth review of a game from a few years back – Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2. It’s a great review in and of itself, but as a fan of the earlier CoD games, it makes a sound and coherent point regarding when, and perhaps why, the series went from being a genuine favourite of mine, to something more akin to a cash cow that was taking the piss. Have a read of it here at Extra Life, and see what you think!
  • Having a laptop that struggles to play a fast paced game of freecell, I’ve never been able to partake in the joys of Steam and such. Being a masochist though, I do sometimes like to torture myself and read about what I’m missing out on, and so it was that I read a review of Gunpoint over at The Maximum Utmost. It sounds like another really cool little game that I’ll likely never play, but if you’re not PC deprived, you should totally check it out.
  • Aaaaaaand finally, I’m going to point you in the direction of something what I gone and done myself. I spent a fun couple of weeks working my way through the Uncharted games, and decided to use the experience to leap into some general observations of the story so far, and make some tentative predictions about the next installment in the Nathan Drake Saga. Feel free to read it (and tell me how wrong you think I am). Or not. Your call.

Anyway, such gratuitous self-promotion brings us to the end of this week’s MMPP. With any luck, you’ll have found something to tickle your gaming taste-buds, and help make Monday less of a kick in the crotch. As always, if there’s anything I’ve missed, or you’ve found something you think anyone else might like, feel free to give it some link love in the comments below.

Good luck out there, people, and keep the faith. After all, there’s only five days to go until the weekend……