See, normally there’d be some “joke” about it finally being Friday here, but I’ma level with you, I’m currently enjoying a four day weekend. My Friday was Wednesday, but I figured I’d wait until Friday afternoon to post this because, in all honesty, nobody likes to have anybody else’s good fortune rubbed in their face.

You’re welcome.

Anyways, now that we’re approaching the point when everybody’s getting their weekend on, let’s do this. What are your weekend plans, folks? What Games are going to be receiving your attention as you warmly embrace two days of quality Gaming time? Are you looking for some recommendations, would you like to offer some recommendations, or conversely, is there anything you’d like to tell other Games not to touch with a really big stick?

Are you planning on getting some writing done, and are you looking for feedback or advice from your potential readers and/or fellow bloggers? Is there anything that’s caught your eye in the gaming world this week that you’d like to chat about!? As ever, the WGD is your space to talk about anything and everything to do with Gaming/Blogging, and to let everybody know how your Gaming world currently looks.

Make yourself at home, and have a great weekend everyone!