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April 2016

Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #8

The Monday-pocalypse has arrived. Again. Instead of Zombies, or rivers of fire and brimstone, or, like, Nuclear Winter though, Monday-pocalypse is basically time-sheets, and commutes, and dealing with the boss! Which is obviously much, much worse! Still, as per usual (if you ignore last week’s balls-up) I’ve put together a little bug-out bag of great Gaming reads to help you survive the End (of weekend) Times. Continue reading “Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #8”

Weekend Gaming Doodah #9

Most of you know the drill by now. It’s the weekend (not an extra awesome, extended chocolatey weekend, but still…..) and that, my friends, means Games. Lots and lots of games. In these glorious, work-free hours we’re free to enjoy some proper, quality time within whatever Gaming realm’s currently grabbed us by our attention-ey bits and won’t let go.

So, what’s your weekend looking like? Feel free to let us know. Likewise, if you find yourself at a loose end, you can go right ahead and ask for suggestions, second opinions, recommendations. Perhaps you’ve just played a game you think others might like; by all means sing its praises. If you’re a blogger, looking to run some ideas by your potential audience, that’s *totes* cool too. Perhaps you even want to speculate on what Sunday might have in store for a certain crossbow carrying, motorcycle riding badboy with a heart of gold!? Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #9”

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