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Weekend Gaming Doodah #4

Huzzah – the weekend’s back. In your face, working week! Two days of quality game-playing time await, free from your iron grip of rules, and like, having to wear pants and shit! Let freedom ring, let freedom ring!

Anyways, how’s your game-playing weekend shaping up? Are you continuing with a massive open-worlder, finally fitting in a short indie game whilst you can, or doing something else entirely? Is there anything you’re stuck on, uncertain about buying, or are you at a Gaming loose end and looking for recommendations from fellow Gamers? Is there something on the Gaming horizon that you’re particularly excited about, something you’d like to chat about with fellow enthusiasts? Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #4”

Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #3

Ugh – It’s Monday again. Already. Just as we seem to be getting comfortable with the weekend, embracing the quality time it allows us to spend with our fantabulous-game-playing-machines, it disappears –  Poof, just life that! [I’m doing a Kevin Spacey impression there, but it obviously doesn’t translate too well via the medium of the written word!] The hope and potential of the weekend, with all its free time and opportunity, has – once more – repositioned itself right at the end of the week, with five working days between us and it. Continue reading “Monday Morning Procrastination Pack #3”

Weekend Gaming Doodah #3

It’s nearly the weekend again, and once more we get to say to work ‘not today, work, not today‘, and we get to say to our fantabulous game-playing machines ‘yes today, fantabulous game-playing machines, yes today‘. Whole virtual worlds lay open at our feet, ready for some quality time to be invested in them, calling out our names; a siren-song of untold beauty and irresistible power. “Come to me….” she sings, her voice hauntingly drifting on the very edge of the wind, “….and let us fuck some shit up!“.

That last bit might just be me (I’m finally starting Just Cause 3, and there seems to be a degree of emphasis on ‘fucking shit up’) but whatever she’s calling to you, it’s likely to be a sweet, sweet song regardless. Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #3”

Weekend Gaming Doodah!

If you’re reading this, welcome to the very first Weekend Gaming Doodah. This being some bona fide history-in-the-making shizzle, please feel obliged to conduct yourself with a degree of decorum suitably befitting of such a momentous occasion. Or, like, don’t – I’m not the boss of you! Anyways, what is this Weekend Gaming Doodah, and why such a formal title I hear you ask?! They’re fair questions young padawan, and – let the record show – it’s absolutely not something I just thought of because I’ve got fuck-all in the way of actual posts to publish, and it’s not an idea I shamelessly nicked from the Game section of the AV Club (or, indeed, every other Gaming site ever). Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah!”

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