If you’re reading this, welcome to the very first Weekend Gaming Doodah. This being some bona fide history-in-the-making shizzle, please feel obliged to conduct yourself with a degree of decorum suitably befitting of such a momentous occasion. Or, like, don’t – I’m not the boss of you! Anyways, what is this Weekend Gaming Doodah, and why such a formal title I hear you ask?! They’re fair questions young padawan, and – let the record show – it’s absolutely not something I just thought of because I’ve got fuck-all in the way of actual posts to publish, and it’s not an idea I shamelessly nicked from the Game section of the AV Club (or, indeed, every other Gaming site ever).

What it is, though, is my attempt to open up the floor to you guys, and create something of a conversation. See, it’s Friday, and for most people, that means two days of free time, and for Gamers, that means two days of quality gaming time. Boom, Huzzah, etc, etc. So, in that spirit, what are you guys playing? What are you currently loving in the gaming Universe, and why are you loving it? Is there anything you’d like to recommend, or even ask help with? Is there a game you’re thinking of buying, but want to know if anybody else has played it, and whether they’d recommend you spending your hard earned cash-money on it? If you’re a fellow blogger, it’s there anything in particular you’re working on, anything you’d like to run past your potential audience, anything you’d be interested in asking anybody?

Honestly, I’m taking a bit of a risk here, because there’s a very high potential for looking-like-a-complete-toolishness if nobody says anything, so, please (for the love of Thor) join in. We’re all Gamers here, and I’m pretty sure we’re all united by a shared interest, a common love of a great medium, so let’s embrace that shit, eh!? I’m not suggesting we should all join hands and belt out a rousing rendition of Kum Ba Yah or anything but, you know, talking about Games and Gaming is something we all like doing, right!?

So, without further ado, knock yourselves out. Pretty please!