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My Gaming Highlights of 2016

The general consensus seems to be that 2016 was, for want of a better phrase, a big old pile of shite, and whether your favorite actor died, or singer, or whether your preferred outcome in any given political event failed to happen, there were a lot of people who really wanted 2016 to just fuck the fuck off. That said however, as Gamers – who maybe survived the real world precisely by retreating into virtual ones – there were quite a few highlights in the year’s Gaming calendar. Indeed, given IRL shenanigans, it’s possible that Gaming took on a higher degree of importance in 2016, with post-apocalyptic games in particular becoming less of a hobby and more of, say, essential training and practice for things going very, very wrong in the real world. Continue reading “My Gaming Highlights of 2016”

Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2016 (Part One)

Having just scraped a stunningly original ‘Best Games of 2015‘ piece from the bottom of the blogging barrel, I figured I’d go for the full house with an equally iconoclastic ‘What to look forward to in 2016’ post too. There are currently several million of these on the Internet – all better written, funnier, and more widely read than this one ever will be – but I’m going to tip the balance in my favour by swearing a fuck-load. So, you know, swings and roundabouts….. Continue reading “Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2016 (Part One)”

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