As a general rule, the Lego games seem to divide the Gaming community, and whilst there are plenty of us who find them fun, entertaining and eminently payable, there are many others who feel they’re childish, facile, and that they’re perhaps not even “proper” games. I’m in the former camp, but even so, I can see why other people aren’t overly fussed by them (I wasn’t until I played one that came free on PS+) – although I’m not at all convinced by the ‘not proper games’ thing. Sure, they’re not as challenging as, say, a Bloodborne, and they’re not as intense as an FPS, but they’re usually very well-made, hugely addictive and – more often than not – genuinely quite humorous (there was one recurring joke in the last Batman game that cracked me up every time I heard it). Continue reading “LEGO Jurassic World (PS Vita) – Review”