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Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions

OK, so I’m a couple of weeks late to this particular party – which in Gaming terms might as well be years – but I’ve been wanting to play this game for sooooo long, and you are not taking this away from me, D’ya hear!? In fact, back when I was thinking about making the leap to Next-Gen, I distinctly remember that it was a brief little video of TCTD that sealed the decision, even though it was all still unclear quite when it would be released, or even quite what it would be. Two years, two PS4s, and a little bit of a Puppy-related delay later, I finally, finally got to play the damn thing. Obviously, that’s quite the build-up of expectations, so….did it meet them?

“Hell yeah!” is the short answer, and “Hells to the Fuck Yeah” would be the slightly longer one. Basically; yes, yes it did. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions”

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Part One

Yup, I’m going there! Because there’s nothing more likely to risk upsetting everyone than writing an Xbox One vs PS4 piece, and I am apparently that stupid.

But it’s not that I’m actively looking for abuse or anything, but with Christmas just around the corner, I figured it might actually be useful to attempt an objective, non-partisan, non-fanboyish comparison between the two main next-gen machines – and particularly useful for anybody who genuinely doesn’t know which one to opt for, or indeed, for anybody who might have one and be considering whether it’s worth getting the other. Continue reading “Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Part One”

Next-Gen Gaming: One Year Report Card

It’s nearly Christmas again, which is possibly some kind of mistake, because I’m pretty sure the last one was only a few days ago, but, more to the point, it’s now a year since Microsoft and Sony triumphantly thrust their next-gen consoles onto the market, and gaming (ostensibly) took a fairly significant leap forward. Continue reading “Next-Gen Gaming: One Year Report Card”

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