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My Unintentional and Secular Lent

Yesterday marked my third week of abstinence. Not from meat (I’m a vegetarian anyway), not from cheese or dairy (bollocks to that!), and not from any kind of real vice (see again: bollocks to that!), but from Console Gaming. This wasn’t any kind of religious thing either, and it coinciding with actual Lent was entirely accidental. No, my period of deprivation was entirely down to having decided, at some point (although I can’t really remember when that was now), that getting a dog was a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, that decision wasn’t made lightly, and I am loving the dog owner thing (mostly) but – holy shitballs – it’s a hell of a lot of work! For that reason – and because the blue lights that I once so loved about my PS4/controller are basically puppy smack – I’ve had neither the time nor the cojones to turn on a console. Continue reading “My Unintentional and Secular Lent”

Levelling-Up a Puppy, Gaming Systems, and that damned Tamagotchi

If you’re of a certain age – and particularly if you’re of a certain age, and into games and gadgets and such – there’s probably a reasonable chance you’d have, at one point, had yourself a tamagotchi.

Me, I had one. It died. A lot. As in, a motherfucking shitload. No matter what I did, it died. If I fed it twice, it’d starve and die; if I fed it three times it got tamagotchi diabetes and it would die. I think it died once because I “petted” it too much, which (unless you’re Lennie from Of Mice and Men) I’m pretty sure isn’t even a thing. Continue reading “Levelling-Up a Puppy, Gaming Systems, and that damned Tamagotchi”

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