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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – Quite Possibly My favourite Uncharted Game

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m quite the fan of the Uncharted Series, and I’ve generally loved my time with each and every one of the franchise’s Games – even the Vita one (#sorrynotsorry etc, etc). They’re not perfect, by any means, but I think the series has frequently set a benchmark for Action/Adventure Gaming, and I think Naughty Dog consistently bring a little som’thin-som’thin to interactive fiction in a way other studios would – if they’re being honest – love to emulate with the same degree of consistency. The flip side to that, of course, is that I went into Uncharted: The Lost Legacy with relatively high expectations which – if I’m being honest – were possibly unfairly high for what is, essentially, closer to DLC than it is a full game. As you’ll have prob’ly guessed from my title though, not only were those expectations met, but even quite possibly exceeded, and to such an extent that The Lost Legacy, despite its being relatively short, may actually be my favouritest entry in an already favourite-y series. Continue reading “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – Quite Possibly My favourite Uncharted Game”

Thinking Aloud: Should I stay or should I Pro?

I’ll shortly be heading to New York, New York (start spreading the news, etc, etc) – and in one of those (if my girlfriend should ask) *totes* accidental twists of fate, my time there will coincide exactly with the release of Sony’s PS4 Pro. Honestly, the timing couldn’t be better (almost like I’d planned it, making up some bullshit reason like ‘I’ve heard Central Park looks spectacular in the Fall….but only if you’re there in whatever week includes the 10th of November!’) and – availability permitting – I’d be overjoyed to get my stubby mits on Sony’s upgraded PlayStation. That said however, I’m currently wrestling with one of them internal dilemma whatsits that people (with generally more self-control than I) have when they’re deciding whether they really need to spend a chunk of cash on something-or-other. Continue reading “Thinking Aloud: Should I stay or should I Pro?”

Notes on Gaming’s Silly Season

Firstly, if you’re one of the two people who’s read this blog a) thank you and b) I’d like to apologise for my absence over the last week or so. Rest assured, I haven’t gotten bored already, it’s just that I was in the US for a week, and the repeated shock of paying a bajillionty-twelve dollars for a soda at Disney and Universal left me with little time to actually, you know, write stuff. Continue reading “Notes on Gaming’s Silly Season”

Sony’s Project Morpheus to Launch in “Early 2016”

To say that I’m ‘a bit excited’ about Virtual Reality would be akin to saying that Antarctica is ‘a bit cold’, or that Trevor Philips is ‘a bit strange’, because in all honesty, I’m already losing sleep at the prospect of diving into full-on VR type shenanigans. Imagine my joy then, when Sony yesterday announced that Morpheus is not only coming, but could be here as soon as “early 2016”. Continue reading “Sony’s Project Morpheus to Launch in “Early 2016””

e3 2014: Making the Vita Vital!?

As e3 2014 (or as I like to call it, Christmas in June) rapidly approaches, I would like to share a more general hope of mine: Namely, that the PS Vita gets some proper attention.

I actually got my Vita by accident, but boy did it turn out to be a happy one. To cut a long story short, if you ask for a Playstation 4 as a Christmas present from a family of non-gamers, draw a picture or something, because otherwise they might wander into a game store, ask for a “Playstation thingy” Continue reading “e3 2014: Making the Vita Vital!?”

Project Morpheus at e3 2014?

When I was a kid, I was pretty much promised that by the time I was thirty, I’d be driving a hover car, have a robot butler, and be spending most of my spare time in a virtual reality headset that made the holodeck thing on Star Trek look decidedly primitive in comparison. Obviously, we don’t have hover cars, and I, for one, don’t have a robot butler, but it seems that VR headsets are a distinct near-future possibility, Continue reading “Project Morpheus at e3 2014?”

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