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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: First Impressions

So far, I’ve sunk about 20 hours into Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and, to be quite honest, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. There are times when it feels like the most absorbing, smooth, addictive and thrilling game I’ve played in a while – yet there are others when it feels clumsy, repetitive and broken and, as a result, has raised the ‘controller thrown through TV’ danger level to Defcon: minus a bajillion. There isn’t much of a middle-ground it seems, so any given session can either be exhilarating, infuriating, or a mixture/average of both, and it’s making objective evaluation of the game somewhat problematic. I’ll often come out of it with only really great things to say, put that stuff in this piece, only to come out of the next session wanting to delete everything and just replace it all with a “for the love of God, don’t touch this game with a big fucking stick!‘ type of warning. Which is fun! Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: First Impressions”

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Review

I’ve officially reached the end-game of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which was something of a bittersweet moment in many ways, but it does mean I can now crack on with my Full Review type witterings. Lucky you, eh!? In order to not repeat myself too much, I’ll try not to go over the same ground as my First and Second Impressions pieces, but obviously some degree of repetition’s inevitable so, like, apologies in advance.


Tom Clancy’s The Division was, by almost any conceivable measurement, a hugely anticipated Next-Gen release, and in many ways it’s been an ever-present “event” hovering over Next-Gen consoles since their own launch nearly two and a half years ago. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – Review”

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Secondary Impressions

So, turns out I gone done got a bit addicted to The Division. And when I say “a bit”, I mean like, properly, wake-up-thinking-about-it, currently-smelling-a bit-funky-because-I’m-foregoing-showers kind of addicted. It’s not the first time that’s happened to me, for sure (see also; the Fallouts), but it’s not a regular occurrence – and as much as I love playing games, and as much as I’m often itching to turn them on, it’s rare that I get to the thinking-about-a-game-all-the-damn-time stage. I wrote my First Impressions piece having played roughly 10 hours of the game, but that’s now increased to around 30 (which I know thanks to that handy and helpful ‘here’s how much of your life you’ve wasted with this game’ stat that’s prominently displayed when you load up your game – cheers, Ubisoft), so I figure I’m in a position to write a Secondary Impressions piece. Which is what I’m doing. Like, right now. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – Secondary Impressions”

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – First Impressions

As I explained the other day, during ‘Gaming’s Silly Season‘ I shall most likely be doing ‘First Impression‘ pieces for the majority of games, and in these I hope to cover my initial thoughts and/or experiences of playing a particular game, but stopping somewhere short of hitting ‘Full Campaign Review’ type detail. I’ve been playing AC: Syndicate for a total of about 20+ hours at this point, so I figure that puts me in a decent enough position to cover some of the more general points. Also, Halo 5’s just come out, and given I’m both rubbish at multi-tasking and easily confused, I should pro’ly get this out of the way before I begin conflating the two games and start going on about Locke casually chatting to Charles Dickens and suchlike. Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – First Impressions”

Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Review

There are, as I hope to demonstrate here, many reasons to give Valiant Hearts: The Great War a try, but one of them is undoubtedly the fact that it’s currently free for PS+ members in March, and to be honest, you can’t really argue with free. That being said though, and perhaps in testament to just how good it really is, that’s possibly not even the most compelling reason to play Valiant Hearts.

Make no mistake, this is an absolute gem of a game, Continue reading “Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Review”

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