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Tom Clancy’s The Division – Review

I’ve officially reached the end-game of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which was something of a bittersweet moment in many ways, but it does mean I can now crack on with my Full Review type witterings. Lucky you, eh!? In order to not repeat myself too much, I’ll try not to go over the same ground as my First and Second Impressions pieces, but obviously some degree of repetition’s inevitable so, like, apologies in advance.


Tom Clancy’s The Division was, by almost any conceivable measurement, a hugely anticipated Next-Gen release, and in many ways it’s been an ever-present “event” hovering over Next-Gen consoles since their own launch nearly two and a half years ago. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – Review”

Weekend Gaming Doodah #9

Most of you know the drill by now. It’s the weekend (not an extra awesome, extended chocolatey weekend, but still…..) and that, my friends, means Games. Lots and lots of games. In these glorious, work-free hours we’re free to enjoy some proper, quality time within whatever Gaming realm’s currently grabbed us by our attention-ey bits and won’t let go.

So, what’s your weekend looking like? Feel free to let us know. Likewise, if you find yourself at a loose end, you can go right ahead and ask for suggestions, second opinions, recommendations. Perhaps you’ve just played a game you think others might like; by all means sing its praises. If you’re a blogger, looking to run some ideas by your potential audience, that’s *totes* cool too. Perhaps you even want to speculate on what Sunday might have in store for a certain crossbow carrying, motorcycle riding badboy with a heart of gold!? Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Doodah #9”

Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions

OK, so I’m a couple of weeks late to this particular party – which in Gaming terms might as well be years – but I’ve been wanting to play this game for sooooo long, and you are not taking this away from me, D’ya hear!? In fact, back when I was thinking about making the leap to Next-Gen, I distinctly remember that it was a brief little video of TCTD that sealed the decision, even though it was all still unclear quite when it would be released, or even quite what it would be. Two years, two PS4s, and a little bit of a Puppy-related delay later, I finally, finally got to play the damn thing. Obviously, that’s quite the build-up of expectations, so….did it meet them?

“Hell yeah!” is the short answer, and “Hells to the Fuck Yeah” would be the slightly longer one. Basically; yes, yes it did. Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s The Division – First Impressions”

The QTX New Year’s Honours List, 2016

As a general rule, I’m quite a cynical bastard, and there’s not much in this big, wide world of ours that I can’t find fault with. I even think dolphins are a bunch of dicks – and all the cutesy clicking and shit’s just to distract us while they plot our downfall. Games are mostly an exception to this (mostly – pay to win can get fucked, for example) but actually, in a rare moment of genuine positivity, I’ve found the Gaming Blogging Community to be a rich, rewarding place full of surprises and joy.

In that spirit, and because it’s New Year, I thought I’d do a little New Year’s Honours list-ey thing, Continue reading “The QTX New Year’s Honours List, 2016”

My Top Games of 2015

I know, right!? What kind of outside-the-box, original thinking is this? A Top Games of 2015 piece? Isn’t that pushing the envelope a bit too far? Isn’t this exactly the kind of crazy, experimental piece that risks undoing all of the goodwill I’ve managed to build up over the last few months? Honestly though, I hear what you’re saying, but that’s just how I roll, folks – a non-stop thrill ride of the cray-cray and the avant-garde.

Still, stunning lack of originality aside, I do quite like list-ey type pieces, and not least because they give me a rare opportunity to engage in a bit of thoughtful reflection and assessment. Continue reading “My Top Games of 2015”

In Which Fate Punches Me in the Nads. Repeatedly.

Soooooo, as I’ve said before, many, many times; tomorrow, Tuesday 10th November 2015, is quite possibly going to be the best day in the history of the world, ever. I mean, some other stuff has happened on some other days – some guy cured Polio at one point, for example, and there was all the Moon-ey type shananigans and such, but crucially, cruciallyon no other day in History did Fallout 4 come out, and in no other cycle of 24 hours did Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider come out at the same time. That’s a fact – and you can check it if you want. Continue reading “In Which Fate Punches Me in the Nads. Repeatedly.”

Silly Season: My Experience So Far!

They say hindsight’s 20/20, and it’s a maxim I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, particularly because I’m an idiot who decided to start a gaming blog just as Silly Season touched down with all the force of a category bajillion tornado. Would I do the same again? Has it been worth it, especially given nobody’s reading any of my stuff? Is sleep actually overrated, or are my lack of it, and these hallucinations I seem to be frequently having related in some way? Indeed, why would a pink elephant want to hide my controller and headphones anyway? Continue reading “Silly Season: My Experience So Far!”

Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Review

Having been a little disappointed with Halo 5’s Campaign, I think it’s fair to say I was really hoping for big things from its multiplayer offerings. Indeed, these days many games are often at least as geared towards the online, MP experience as they are the solo, SP stuff – and, if it’s all done well, a great multiplayer can redeem even the most average of games. I’m still relatively new to all the online stuff in general, but (initial humiliation aside, obviously) it’s an element that I’m increasingly becoming quite a fan of, so, armed with some high expectations – and a ridiculously huge pair of headphones – I threw myself into Guardians Multiplayer with gusto, very much hoping to be impressed. Continue reading “Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Review”

Activision Buys King Digital – Another Sign Freemium’s Coming Soon?

Just the other day, I gone done a little rant about the whole “Freemium” games whatsit, and why it could, potentially, mean really bad news for actual, proper games and gamers. Today it was announced that Activision Blizzard (the publishers behind Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Guitar Hero) are buying King Digital (the guys behind Candy Crush Saga) so, even allowing for confirmation bias, I’ma go right ahead and put that news in the ‘worrying signs’ columnContinue reading “Activision Buys King Digital – Another Sign Freemium’s Coming Soon?”

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